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AI Reelity Trip Planner

AI Reelity

AI Reelity

Trip Planner AI
Local Insights, Global Adventures.

AI Reelity helps you explore city hangouts through
Tourist vs Local lenses. Discover how the locals travel the city, and where the best of tourist locations exist.
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Trip Planner AI


Our interface is as simple as it gets. No clutter, no hassle — just enter a city and get exploring. We've worked hard to ensure our app is intuitive for all, whether you're tech-savvy or just love to tap and go.


Your travel, your way. AIReelity adapts to your tastes and interests. From iconic landmarks to the cozy corners known only by locals, our app crafts an experience that's as unique as you are.


Like the best of travel buddies, AIReelity is flexible. Mix and match your tourist and local experiences to create a journey that's entirely yours. The app evolves with your preferences, always ready for your next adventure.


Skip the tedious planning process. With AIReelity, your personalized guide is ready in minutes, not hours. Spend less time planning and more time experiencing the heartbeat of the city.

Core Experience

Dive into rich cultural encounters with bespoke guides featuring authentic local insights and top tourist attractions. Crafted for adventurers and cultural enthusiasts alike, our platform brings the city's heartbeat to your fingertips.

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Phil Taylor

Author & Renowned Blogger
"I used this app for Orlando 🇺🇸 , one of the most visited places in the world. I've been there several times and this fantastic app came up with a bunch of great places to visit that tourists definitely don't know about. My next trip will be enriched by adding some fantastic restaurants and a some other local landmarks that I've never been to there!"

Visionary Jem

Digital Artist & Influencer
“Love this app, it's magic. ✨”

Select a city button below to view a demo travel plan.

We've mapped out the hotspots and hideaways, so you can experience the essence of each destination from two vantage points: as a bustling tourist and as an in-the-know local.

    Feilding 🇳🇿Milan 🇮🇹 Macau 🇲🇴 Windsor 🇬🇧Durban 🇿🇦.Cancun 🇲🇽Zurich 🇨🇭Townsville 🇦🇺

Simple Pricing for Every Traveler

I decided to make it free to generate the travel plan so that everyone can access it.

Movie Tourism

Travel to filming location of your favourite movies

Price: Free

CineTrip Feature: Discover destinations featured in your favorite movies

Curated cinematic travel spots

Landmarks of interesting locations in the movie.

Tourist vs Local Trip Planner

Generate an authentic trip plan for any city of choice.
Free till July

Price: Free till July

Access to Local vs Tourist guide for one city

Handpicked places, eateries, and activities

Detailed comparision of Tourist vs Local perspectives

Generated by most powerful AI model

Frequently asked questions

How does generate a travel plan?
AIReelity uses best in class AI to generate dual perspectives of a city - Tourist Experiences and Local Insights to create a unique experience. Just enter your destination, and AIReelity will craft a guide that covers tourist hotspots and local secrets, tailored for your city.
Can I receive a refund once I've purchased a travel plan?
Once you've received your personalized travel plan with AIReelity, the insights are yours to keep and can't be refunded. Rest easy knowing that AIReelity's travel plans are crafted to help you immerse in the local culture and tourist scenes efficiently.
Can I use AIReelity for any city I travel to?
Absolutely! Whether it's the bustling streets of New York or the serene alleys of Kyoto, AIReelity is ready to serve as your AI-powered travel companion for cities around the globe.
Does AIReelity provide restaurant and activity recommendations?
Yes, AIReelity covers eateries from street food to gourmet dining and activities that range from laid-back to adventure-packed. All suggestions are curated to match both local vibes and tourist desires.
AI Reelity Trip Planner

AI Reelity

AI Trip Planner - Get tailored travel plans with local insights and tourist hotspots.

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